Trade Nation FAQ

Why trade with Trade Nation?

With Trade Nation you get three very important advantages: value, certainty and support.

Our fixed spreads are amongst the narrowest and most competitively priced around. Narrow spreads generally cost less to trade versus variable spreads. Fixed spreads let you know your trading costs up front. Together, they give you greater control. With regular trades, you’ll notch up serious savings over spreads that can widen at the whim of the markets. Throw in our 24/5 dedicated, professional and friendly Customer Success Team and you’re ready to go.

But that’s not all:
* Negative Balance Protection: should your account fall into arrears, we will automatically bring the balance up to zero
* Markets you want to trade: we focus on the markets where traders like you are most active
* Transparency, fairness and honesty: no commission, free withdrawals, no hidden costs
* Traders first: you’re the reason we’re here, so your needs always come first

Who is Trade Nation regulated by?

Trade Nation is regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA); in Australia, we’re governed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC); and in the Bahamas, by the Securities Commission of The Bahamas (SCB). 

Which countries does Trade Nation have offices in?

We operate out of the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Seychelles and the Bahamas.

What are Trade Nation’s opening hours?

Trade Nation opens 24/5 from Sunday 10.00pm (GMT) until Friday 10.00pm (GMT). Our Customer Success teams are here to support you on email or over the phone. 

My Account

How long before I can start trading?

You should be up and running within one business day, so long as we have all the necessary details from you. If we need anything else, our Customer Onboarding team will let you know what and why.

Ready to trade? Let’s go. Fill in our short sign-up form now and we’ll get back to you as fast as we can.

Do you offer any rebate or loyalty schemes? 

For our professional traders and those who use Trade Nation Bahamas, you can build up a generous monthly rebate. To get you going, we’ll award all qualifying new accounts with 200 points as a special welcome for joining Trade Nation. Simply open a spread trading account and you’re in. *Unfortunately this offer doesn’t extend to MT4 accounts.

Negative balance protection*

should your account fall into arrears, we will automatically bring the balance up to zero*. This prevents you from losing more money than is in your account at any given time, whether you’re trading fixed spreads or CFDs.
*Sorry, we can’t do this for professional traders.

Do you have a mobile phone app?

When you want to trade on the go, the Trade Nation app puts all the power and functionality of our mighty platform in the palm of your hand. Search ‘Trade Nation’ in the App Store if you’re on iPhone or in Play Store for Android users. 

Any tips on using your trading platform?

We’re all about helping traders get the most from our platform. For the inside track, our self-help videos are a great place to start.

Which web browsers can I use with the trading platform?

For the best experience, you can’t beat Google’s Chrome browser. But if that’s not an option, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge all work well.


Which types of payment can I use?

We accept debit cards, credit cards, bank transfers and Skrill.

Is there a minimum deposit?

Unlike a lot of other platforms, we don’t ask for a minimum deposit. As long as you have enough funds to cover the margin requirements of your trade, you’re good to go. 

Can someone else fund my account for me?

To keep things ship shape and above board, Trade Nation will only accept payment from an account or means of deposit in your name. If you do receive a payment from a third party, it will be returned to the account it came from.

Which currency can I open an account in?

Take your pick. You can open accounts in GBP, USD, EUR, AUD and ZAR. We even offer DKK, NOK and SEK.

Can I have multiple accounts in different currencies?

Sure thing. You can open one account for Spread Trading, plus one MT4 account for CFDs. These can also be opened in different currencies.

Where is my money held?

For security and peace of mind, your money is held and ring-fenced in segregated UK bank accounts. For Trade Nation Australia, we hold client money at Westpac Bank.

When I withdraw, where do you send my money

In most cases we’ll simply return funds back to the source of your deposit.

Is there a minimum amount I can withdraw?

Yes there is. The minimum withdrawal amount is 50 of whatever currency your account is in. For example, 50 USD.


What’s the minimum stake size?

For customers regulated by the FCA or ASIC, the minimum stake size is 0.1 on shares and all other markets on the Trade Nation platform. For Trade Nation Bahamas, the minimum stake size is 0.50 pence, or cents. For ZAR accounts, the minimum stake size is 1.0.

Where can I find specific information and detail on the markets provided?

Our Market Information Sheets provide key information on the many different products you can trade with us. This includes spreads, margin requirements, trading hours and details about guaranteed stops. You’ll also find this information handily displayed on the Trade Nation platform. Any questions? Please get in touch. We’re always happy to help.

Can I test-drive the platform?

Sure. You can take us for a spin using our Demo Account. It lets you see just about all the functionality you get on our actual platform before you sign up. 

Which platforms do you offer?

You can Spread Trade on The Trade Nation platform and trade CFDs on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform.

Do you pay dividends?

Some of the companies you choose to invest in may pay out dividends to shareholders as scheduled events throughout the year.

If you have an open position in a share, or an index that includes that company as a component, you’ll see a dividend adjustment posted on your account.

Traders can’t profit or make a loss from these adjustments. It will simply reflect the change in price of the underlying product. In short, there’s no net effect on your account.

Do you allow hedging on your platform?

Yes, you can place hedging orders with Trade Nation. This allows you to place both a long and short position on the same instrument at the same time. Look out for the tick box on your trading ticket that enables hedging.

What if I have any more questions?

No problem. We’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line at or if you’d prefer to speak to one of our friendly team, give us a shout on +44 (0) 203 180 5952

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